We all already know that residues and toxins from our foods and environment can cause dangerous and incurable diseases which send us to an early grave. More than 63,000 customers have cleansed their bodies and taken care of their health by using Primvital Fibre.

But what about those people who are afraid to cleanse their bodies for health reasons? Illnesses of the intestines, gastritis, excessive stomach acid, ulcers, sensitive and delicate intestines, burns from caustic substances - all of these are sources of great pain and suffering, so it comes as no surprise that the people who suffer from these conditions don't want to get involved in more pain and unpleasant symptoms. From now on, those people will have nothing to fear.

Thanks to the efforts of the best dieticians and nutrition specialists, a new revolutionary method has been developed. From now on, you can get back to living life at full speed, you can cleanse your body, and - most importantly - you can protect and shield your delicate digestive tract.

Conditions of the digestive tract are among the most unpleasant and painful:

  • acute pain, which never seems to stop
  • nausea, heartburn, indigestion
  • attacks of vomiting, often leading to dehydration
  • diarrhoea
  • total absence of joy in eating, no taste in food, as in many cases the pain becomes more intense during meals
  • constant deficiencies of nutrients and vitamins
  • ulcers which can erupt when irritated, leading to serious health complications, even to death

This may sound terrible, but it's everyday life for many of us. It's no surprise then that many are afraid to try cleansing while in such suffering.

For many years, people were convinced that those who suffer from illnesses of the intestines and stomach should not under any circumstances add fibre to their diets or undergo cleansing as that would only increase their unpleasant symptoms, pain and diarrhoea. Nonsense.


Polluted intestines become even more sensitive and the illness follows its course. It's as if we were to not clean a dirty wound, and then wait for it to heal. A terrible idea.

It's true that poor quality fibre can simply worsen things and irritate sensitive and compromised organs. It's easy to get discouraged. But what if I were to tell you that you can not only cleanse your body without side effects, but that in doing so you will also protect and strengthen your sensitive intestines and entire digestive tract?

You may not even realise that there are around 600 different types of chemical substances in your body right now, poisoning you and depriving you of the joy of life. Pesticides, phthalates, moulds, dioxins, heavy metals, chlorine. You're probably wondering where they all come from? After all, you try to eat healthy, you've almost completely given up fast food. You can find the answer to these questions in the chart below.

uch a large amount of harmful substances is sure to cause serious illness and bad general health in healthy individuals; now just think what they could do to your sensitive and ill intestines, which react much more severely to these harmful substances. You feel growing pain, discomfort, and your symptoms become worse. You get frustrated and wonder why you have to suffer like this.

Think for a moment about how you eat and how you live. Late suppers, salty snacks, large portions, sugary fizzy drinks. And in those moments when you're feeling down? Sweet of every description, meant to improve your mood.

All of this goes straight to your intestines. In a perfect world it would be excreted within 36 hours, but in reality sometimes this takes anywhere from 2 to 7 days, or even longer. You still can't imagine what's going on down there? In your intestines, the temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius. Have you ever noticed what happens to food when you forget to put it into the fridge? It rots and becomes mouldy. And it stinks. That's right. More or less the same thing happens in your intestines at that temperature. Leftover, undigested bits of food rot and get mouldy, further irritating your intestines.

The average person stores away as much as 8 kilos of toxins in their body. These block the free flow of energy, which leads to an oxygen deficit for your organs. That's why you feel you need coffee, that you often feel powerless, that you often catch cold. And if you also don't eat an entirely healthy diet, it's high time you did something and cleansed your body.

But you're still not completely convinced. After all, since you suffer from gastrointestinal illness, you eat healthy, you avoid what's unhealthy. Sure, of course. But answer these questions honestly and see if you don't have the symptoms of toxins in your body:

  • Do you sometimes have a bowel movement less than once a day?
  • Do you feel tired and fatigued? Do you need to start the day with a strong coffee?
  • Do you suffer from flatulence, gas, constipation?
  • Do you have a problem with your weight?
  • Do you sometimes have headaches?
  • Does your breath have an unpleasant smell?
  • Do you often crave sweets?
  • Do you suffer from haemorrhoids or diarrhoea?
  • Do you have problems with your complexion? Is it dull. pale, do you suffer from acne?
  • Are you irritable or apathetic?
  • Jesteś rozdrażniony lub osowiały?
  • Do you find it hard to concentrate? Do you lack motivation at work?
chora kobieta

A lot of people have the same problems. It's no big thing, but it makes life and normal functioning harder. But there is a way to get rid of all these problems in one fell swoop without spending a fortune on specialists and medicine.

Until recently, various methods for cleansing the body were used.

  • Enemas - one of the most unpleasant and painful methods. There have even been cases of rectal bleeding or other unpleasant situations. Apart from that, few people can apply an enema to themselves.
  • Hydrocolonotherapy - a modern form of enema. It consists of the deep flushing of the intestines with pure water. This procedure is very costly, one session can cost more than £50.00, and for it to be effective you need several. The effects are short-lived, and the procedure itself is embarrassing.
  • Fasting - - this method is more effective, but you need a strong will. Additionally, it should be done in consultation with a dietician. Plus, you can find yourself falling into the yo-yo trap. But none of these methods are helpful for people with sensitive intestines. Now, all that has changed. A third, much more pleasant and safe, method has been developed which does not have any of the unpleasant side effects of the others.

So what if I were to tell you that you can safeguard and cleanse your delicate intestines?

Primvital Super Fibre, thanks to its high content of highest quality flaxseed, protects and safeguards your sensitive intestinal tract. You'll feel almost instant relief because your oesophagus, stomach, intestines, and part of your duodenum will be coated with a solid and durable protective mucous layer, and the oils present in the flaxseed will soothe your irritated and inflamed organs. The whole process takes no more than a few minutes daily and it's amazingly simple. In the morning and evening you measure out a dose of Primvital Super Fibre, pour it into a glass of lukewarm water, and wait for it to swell. A jelly-like substance will appear in the glass - it's the flaxseed which will coat and protect your oesophagus, stomach and intestines. You drink it. From this moment on, you've started the process of cleansing and protecting your body.Your body takes care of itself, while you get on with the important affairs of your daily life.


Thanks to a combination of Plantago ovata and flaxseed, you:

  • protect your intestines
  • remove residues and leftover bits of food from your body
  • begin to have regular bowel movements
  • detoxify
  • regain lost energy and the joy of life
  • lose the desire for coffee, caffeine, etc
  • begin to eat nutritiously
  • reduce gas and flatulenc
  • always have fresh breath
  • regain the healthy glow, living colour, and smooth feel of your skin

Primvital Super Fibre is the safest way to remove toxins and residues from your body. It was developed by dieticians during months-long tests and research. You can be sure that you're getting natural and healthy seeds. We don't add any artificial substances or preservatives to Primvital Super Fibre. When you open your package, you smell the fresh and natural aroma of herbs.

You have a guarantee of safety

Primvital Super Fibre is a mixture of flaxseed (Linum usitatissimum) and the husks of Plantago ovata, combined in perfect proportions. Both of these ingredients come from plantations which we supervise, undergo rigorous testing, are disinfected with carbon dioxide not methyl bromide like most of the herbs available on the market. All this so that you can be absolutely sure that your body is totally safe

Your intestines deserve special care

Our special combination of flaxseed and Plantago ovata has been developed based on scientific studies over the longs years of our experience. Primvital Super Fibre was created especially for those who have not been able to cleanse up til now, due to the fragile state of their gastrointestinal system.

But why exactly flaxseed?

Flaxseed has been known for thousands of years; even Hippocrates recommended taking flaxseed for stomach complaints. It's still used today, not only for the treatment of gastritis, excess stomach acid, ulcers, and inflammation, but also for treating damage to the mucous tissues of the intestines caused by irritants. This just goes to show exactly how gently and effectively flaxseed protects your digestive tract while you're cleansing.

The mucilage which is contained in the flaxseed coats the oesophagus, stomach, and duodenum, and protects them from hydrochloric acid, reducing inflammation. What's more, flaxseed is resistant to hydrolisation, so it remains in place, providing protection for a longer period. It becomes a soothing balm and delicate balsam for irritated and inflamed places.

Flaxseed not only regulates the functioning of the intestines, but also supplies your body with valuable nutrients. Flaxseed is rich in Omega-3 acids, but also contains vitamin E, zinc, lecithin, and phytoestrogens. The presence of phytohormones means that Primvital Super Fibreis an excellent supplement and aid in the fight against cancer.

A delicate massage for your intestines

Plantago ovata husks swell in contact with water and exude mucilage. They delicately massage your intestines, helping them work better. They attract leftover bits of undigested food, toxins and residues, and gently remove them.

The mucous layer which remains in your stomach and intestines stops these harmful elements and prevents them from being absorbed into the bloodstream. That's why Primvital Super Fibre is the safest way to cleanse your intestines. It does not cause unpleasant pains and diarrhoea. It works as a delicate massage on even the most sensitive intestines. There is not a single other product on the market like it.

3 reasons why you shouldn't buy cheaper substitutes

1 - Check exactly what you're paying for

When you pay more for a product, you deserve to expect more from it. At Mapa Zdrowia, we do everything to meet your expectations. At Mapa Zdrowia, you get the best quality product, raised on ecologically friendly farms, completely GMO free. Ours is the most carefully tested and refined fibre on the market.

And one more thing. When you buy Primvital Super Fibre, you're actually changing your lifestyle into a healthier one. Together with your order, you'll get a large portion of valuable knowledge - usually shared for a fee - absolutely free! This is available only for our customers and includes e-books, expert advice, and the care of a dietician who you can turn to at any time by writing an e-mail to our address (biuromapazdrowia.pl). Our consultants will be at your service, and will try to answer every question.

2 - Why ordering on our website is safe

The fear of doing shopping online is common, everybody knows someone with a bad story to tell. But you can check us out at Mapa Zdrowia. We've got registered offices. If you order through our website, you're protected by our https protocol, which makes data theft impossible. If you're concerned about buying over the Internet, you can always order your Primvital Super Fibre by phone. And we've got many options for payment; you can wait for your package and pay on delivery.

3 - What kind of guarantee do I have of the results?

We often get customers coming to us who have started out from cheaper, and less effective, mixtures. They wanted to save a penny or two, because they couldn't return the product they'd bought. With us, you've got a 90-day guarantee. If you're not 100% satisfied by our product, we'll return your money, quickly and with no questions asked. We wouldn't offer something like this if we weren't absolutely certain that our product works.

How does it work?

Primvital Super Fibre safely cleanses you body inch by inch. When you place your order, Ania will send you a package on the next day at the latest. You'll receive your package of Primvital together with a measuring spoon, and the mixture of fresh and clean seeds contained within is ready to have water poured on it and be drunk.

Primvital Super Fibre is a natural product, not a chemical pill which promises miracles before you even swallow it.

If you want to speed up the process, remember to drink at least one and a half litres of water a day. You may feel the first effects immediately after drinking your first portion, or perhaps after a few days. And you'll definitely notice the effects. Your body will start getting rid of everything that's been poisoning it until now.

But remember that everything is under control, your stomach, intestines, and part of your duodenum are exceptionally well-protected while the Plantago ovata is working and longer after.

After mixing the seeds with water, you'll notice that a jelly-like substance forms - it's this that will be protecting your digestive tract. Thanks to the flaxseed, you'll stop feeling unpleasant symptoms such as pains, vomiting, gas and indigestion.

IMPORTANT! This process, thanks to the combination of two gentle ingredients, is completely harmless, but the sight and smell of it can be horrific! After all, those leftover bits of food have been rotting for some time. That's got to smell bad!

After a week of using our system, you should begin to have regular bowel movements, and flatulence and gas should cease to be a problem, and additionally you should feel a rush of energy. From day to day, you should feel better and better, so much so that your morning coffee will no longer be necessary.

After two weeks, you might feel an appetite for healthy food, like fruit and vegetables. Your body will become progressively cleaner, and so it will begin to absorb more and more nutrients from your food - make sure that you supply it with this healthy food. It may happen that while you're cleansing your body, you'll lose a few kilos. The weight of residues and toxins can be as much as 8 kilos.


You'll gradually begin to notice that your complexion is taking on a healthy look and shine, that your gut s no longer hanging out. You have lots of energy, and are becoming much more active. You're less irritable, full of vim and vigour, Without regret you say goodbye to fast food, sweets, and heavy unhealthy food. Thanks to the advice of a dietician, you eat a balanced and healthy diet. You have lots of energy, and are becoming much more active. You're less irritable, full of vim and vigour, Thanks to the advice of a dietician and a healthy diet, plus the action of the flaxseed and Plantago ovata, your delicate digestive system will grow stronger and stronger.

Do you like the way that sounds? Then what are you waiting for? Join the prestigious group of the healthiest people in the country.

And what if you don't decide to try?

All right then. Let's say that you don't want to try. You have a right. The decision is solely yours. Nothing will change if you don't want it to. The unpleasant symptoms will increase. They will increase and your sensitive intestines will become more irritated and hurt. And you will progressively lose energy and your joy in living. Visits to the toilet will become more unpleasant and painful. More and more often, you'll suffer from colds and infections, and irritation alternating with drowsiness will become your daily norm.

Is this really what you want your life to be like?

You can cleanse your body without worry

Primvital Super Fibrehas been laboratory tested, for your safety

Do you want to change things, or are you still waiting for a miracle?

Haven't you already had enough of the unpleasant aches and pains, ones that mean you constantly have to take care and watch yourself? Instead of enjoying life and trying out new things, you're always searching for the most effective pill to end your problems. When you count up how much money you've spent on pills and tablets this year alone, you can hardly believe it.

Now you no longer have to search for remedies and spend money. But let's not fool ourselves; you have to want things to change, they won't change by themselves. So ...

... where there's a will, there's a way!

You can order Primvital Super Fibre by filling out the form on this page. You choose the way you'd like to pay- by bank transfer or cash-on-delivery. Immediately after you've placed your order, you'll receive a message from us and be contacted by one of our staff to confirm your order and answer any questions or doubts you may have.


Depending on where you live and the delivery method you've chosen, you could even receive your Primvital Super Fibre the next day. In the package, prepared by Ania and Margaret, you'll find your product and a measuring spoon.

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... so if after using Primvital Super Fibre you don't feel any change, just send it back to us and we'll return your money no questions asked. You've got 90 days to think it over. We want you to be really satisfied. Mapa Zdrowia has been on the market for 12 years. We are a fully legal, Polish business. We've got registered offices, employees, we answer phone calls, you can check us out.

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