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CleanColon CleanColon Italy for 20 years leader in Italy in planning and manufacturing of electromechanical hydrocolontherapy device

We decided to invest in the realization of an electromechanical hydrocolon therapy machine where safety and simplicity were the primary characteristics. “Our goal was to spread the culture about this therapy also through the traditional medicine, so that private practitioners and hospital facilities could prove the validity of this treatment and produce scientific works.”

Mod. 004RA

After several researches and tests CleanColon Italy has decided to put into production the first device mod. 004RA which was tested and verified by the Istituto Masini, the body appointed by the Ministry of Health for the certification of medical devices, and later certified in class II B according to Annex III of Directive 93 / 42CEE on medical devices implemented by Legislative Decree n . 46 of 24/02/1997. Today this therapy is involving a growing number of practitioners and we believe and that in the future this type of treatment, with the help of our machine, will cover more areas of application .

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Hydrocolon therapy What's hydrocolon therapy

“The abnormal function of the intestinal canal is the predisposing factor for many health problems, especially chronic diseases. Restore the physiological intestinal elimination is often vital, essential for the beginning of a state of health recovery “

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